Perception of any commercial property is important for its aesthetics. A small business is just as important as an industrial park in its appearance. Aguilar Pro Landscaping can give you the appearance that it needs.
Property maintenance is crucial for the perception of a business. Future clients like the appearance of a well-kept property, because that is a reflection of the company itself. The same applies to industrial parks and multi-family housing.
Commercial landscaping can include various factors. We cover everything from basic lawn and gardening to tree trimming and maintenance. With over 20 year of experience, we can handle any size job.
All of our equipment is the most advanced state-of-the-art available for property management. Our professionals believe that the jobsite should be left cleaner and tidier than when we arrive. After every job we collect all trimmings and blow off all walkways, driveways and parking lot if need be.
Any other debris/waste you may have on your property can be hauled away and be properly disposed of. Just ask us to and we can clean up all the way down to the last twig and leaf.
Bare patches are also a concern of ours.We offer two alternatives to restoring your grass. These two processes consist of laying out new sod, or re-seeding the bare areas in your lawn.  At the same time we can also inspect and repair any problems with the irrigation system. After all that could have been the factor in the problem.
We work close with individual property managers, industrial property management firms and REOs. We assure you that we hold up, if not pass, the standards that you require for your property. Call and set up a meeting with our professional staff so that we can show you your solutions to achieve that immaculate property you require.